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Friday, May 20, 2011

B is for

beetroot and blue toes.

Colour choice was easy this time around, with the "3 Waters Marathon." Camouflage :)

Started my alt-carb loading programme this morning with my 3 minute sprint.

You'll find reference to it in Anita Bean's Athlete Guide (can't remember the exact title of her book, but it's referenced somewhere on my website) and can also read about it here. "Glycogen without Gluttony." I like the concept and have been using it since last year. Based on the science I've read, muscle glycogen stores are limited to about 400 grams, which is 1600 cals. So eating massive quantities in a 5 day loading programme (something I've never done), should only result in one of two things. The excess calories have to either get "eliminated" or stored as fat. And runners don't need more fat. We have enough fat in our bodies to keep us alive for days. Fat just makes you heavy, which makes you slow.

Signing off with a request...if anyone out there is running trails this weekend, could you jump a log or climb a hill for me? Thanks!

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  1. Another race, another Canadian record. You are starting to tick them off in quick succession. Well done again !!!, and may it continue! I reckon there is plenty of improvement left...Also be good to get back on the trails...