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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moe Equation

I'm working on my equation for Moe and I've gotten this far.

It looked good until I realised I haven't factored in the crew, the shoes, the Garmin, the weekly massage therapy (praises to Nathan Doig, his thumbs of steel, and the fact that he knew what my iliacus was), the dry needling (praises also to Ali Low and her dry needling!). And then there's chia, the low GI diet, mentors and idols.... I'm starting to think I'll need a maths expert to finish writing this one.

Realised tonight that all the speedwork is done now. I wrote my session in the log for tonight and noticed that it's easy runs on the weekend and then more easy runs next week. That's it. All I can do now is paint my toe nails (Seriously - it's become a race tradition - different colour for every race. Moe speaks of gun metal silver).


  1. You should go well at Moe! Ive added Compress Sports to my equation for success in recent weeks and so far its working well. Keep working on the equation it might distract the mind from the psychological joys (not!) of taper time.....Newtons second law of motion (drawing on my sports science and TEE Physics days from the distant past)is defined in the equation; force = mass x acceleration. Thats a good equation too...All the best!

  2. Thanks, TB. I hope the CSport continue to do the trick for you. I'll keep my mass leaning forward, which should help with acceleration!