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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Altitude Training in Perth

Fortunately for me, it's been a taper week, since the days have been around 35 degrees. I feel for all those out there doing long runs right now. And there's even a bonus, according to my pilot partner/coach/crew, who calculated that once we get close to 40 degrees, the pressure changes to be equivalent to over 1500 mtrs - altitude training at sea level!

I'd be even more pleased if that Moe forecast dropped below 24 - I don't like that at all!!

Last weekend's taper long run was a beauty - a good friend organised one of his usual running adventures - this one was dubbed the Lark Hill 6 hr fat ass (handicap). Seven people rocked up for a 7 PM start with their headlamps, to do as many 3k laps on the gravel trail as possible. Only a few actually intended to run the duration, with the rest of us just out to enjoy a night run with company. Who else, but ultrarunners would find this the best way to spend a Saturday night :) Including another (recovering injured) mate who sat in the cold breeze and lap scored for everyone. I even threw my $10 into the ring, despite planning to run only 2 hrs. With Dave's handicap system, I got 4 free laps - that's 12k free kms....And with a taper week, who wouldn't pay $10 for 12 free kms in their logbook?!?

Back to the main topic of the last 6 weeks...the Moe 50k and 6 Hr Victoria Champs. We're on the plane early early tomorrow - will get the rest of my sleep enroute. I've decided to break the race into 5k increments - I'm running 5k for various friends/causes - for example, I'm running 5k for my very good mate in Canada who got me into ultra running in the first place (but who just doesn't understand the whole track thing). I think breaking up the race into 5k increments will make it much more mentally "do-able."

And my "Moe toes" are all ready. Here's the gun metal silver. A good, cold colour to keep me cool. And fast. Like a bullet.

I trialled them out today on my last run - doing 5k at race pace - and I passed a turtle on Lake Monger. I passed him like he was...well, a turtle....I hope seeing a turtle before a race isn't bad luck ;)

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  1. Hope you find the silver bullet at Moe. Thats very cool about 40 degrees being like 1500m above sealevel. That means my meter-reading in 36-39degrees this week was several hours of altitude trainign. Cool! I only did 4 laps at Lark Hill, but was a cool night. I saw a tortoise on my 3 hour long run today near Bibra Lake actually. Its turtle/tortoise season. Mainpeak is another brilliant sponsor. All the best at Moe!