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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Look at all the Dirty Runners! :)

Today's trail run was a recon of the second half of the 6 Inch Trail Marathon to be held mid-December. I offered to lead an outing, since I know the course. I'm the flour girl ;)

Well, the bitumen runners are finally starting to morph into the next stage of their development in WA....we had a record 16 people out to run the dirt, rocks, and hills of the Munda Biddi trail today.

The guys at the front kept up a strong pace while I sheep dogged - naturally, to make sure there were no lost sheep.

It was a game of Battleship with the logistics to make sure it would work out for the point-to-point run, but it was well worth it (point-to-point is so much better than an out-and-back, after all).

So today capped off a pretty good week. My speed sessions all went as planned and I had a 13k run in the sand on the beach instead of hills midweek. My glute/hip is twitchy, though, so I'm going to make an appointment with Ali, my brilliant physio and give her $80 so she can tell me it's all okay. An $80 insurance policy is well spent money for the peace it gives! Have done my strength work twice this week and have felt my core a bit - I obviously let that get a bit weak.

Next week has more speed and hills before a short taper the week after.

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  1. Well done!!! Awesome stuff!!!...I enjoyed our out-and-back too...All the best with keeping the niggles under control...