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Sunday, November 28, 2010

False Alarm

I think all the tea tree oil I was using on my toe nail was causing the intense pain and throbbing. It's coming good now. Just the waiting game to see if I'll lose it.

Recovery week has been steep.

Sunday - couple hours of walking
Monday - rest (Monday usually is)
Tuesday - slowest 5k ever (first k was 6.57 pace)
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - gentle 21k
Friday - strength/core
Saturday - 13k sand/dirt
Today - 23k hilly run on the Munda Biddi, reconning the 6 Inch course

Feeling like I can get back to speed work next week. But I know I wouldn't be recovering nearly as quickly without weekly visits to at least one of 3 key people: Nathan Doig, the Hands of Steel massage therapist, Ali Low, Ascend physio extraordinaire, and Jon Tan, sports chiro. My body is very demanding! :)

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