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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moe 1 and Moe 2

I think Dr. Seuss wrote about them, didn't he?

I've got both my Mini-Moe booked (the mock race) and the Moe 6hr/50k booked! Rolf suggested I take advantage of the fact that my running volume was down last week (due to the move) and we call it a taper and do the Mini-Moe a bit sooner. We also want to do it before the 30 degree temps come back next week - because I want to do it as close to the real race time as possible (2 PM start). So we'll head out in the afternoon on Tuesday this week for 3 hours of brutal fun.

Then I can get back to some nice loooong trail runs ... ahhh.... trail runs....

I'm off to make some fig almond chocolate recovery stuff now, so I have something new to share with everyone after those nice long trail runs. Yes, there will be chia in it.

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