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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lessons from the Mini Moe

1. There will be a Mini Moe 2 (see below for explanation)

2. A Garmin 310XT will be out 1900 metres over 3 hours around a 400 mtr track. This first becomes apparent when, after running a consistent 4.48 pace for 10k, your crew says, "So, you're running an even 5 min/k?" The 400 mtrs at 10k became 800 mtrs at 20k and the gap grew from there.

3. A 4.48 pace feels really easy on a track when using a Garmin 310 because the reality is that you're only running a 5.03 pace.

4. Using two caps, keeping one soaking in ice, is really, really good.

5. Using ice wrapped in cloths around the neck is as good as Point #4.

6. Don't expect your support crew to remember how the fuel ratio from a race 3 months ago worked. It is reasonable to expect that you may be accidentally fueled with 480 cals/hr rather than 120 cals/hr. Expect perhaps to find this out in bed at midnight. The late knowledge will, however, suddenly make some things more clear....the race nausea, the bolt to the toilet, the lack of hunger post-race....

7. Sucking ice cubes is as good as Points #4 and 5, but requires careful breathing.

8. Hammer, Compressport (worn to bed, as well) and Saucony race flats still rock.

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