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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally, back to full mileage!

A great week of running this week! Without anything to get in the way of a "normal" training week - no "mini moe," no moving distractions, no rain excuses.... I finally got back to a 100k+ week.

Had a 12k at "marathon pace" on Tuesday (not that I truly know what my marathon pace is, since I haven't done one), followed by 15k of hills at Bold Park Wednesday. Thursday's run was shifted to Friday, since my mum arrived from Canada that day - 21k at "70k race pace" (another estimate). Then an easy hour Saturday and a gorgeous 49k on the Bibbulmun track today. I ran solo for 25k south, starting early to enjoy the cool air, and then met Rolf to do the run back north to my car. He didn't get to enjoy any cool air - it got hot out there! I trialled a new gel cooling bandanna thing for my neck. Not bad.

Will miss my weekly massage with Nathan tomorrow, as I'm off to show mum "the outback" for a few days. Must make do with a tennis ball and roller until Thursday.

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  1. Well done BBC on the big mileage week. I believe your marathon split in the Bunbury 50k was 3.31 so I'm guessing your marathon pace would be about 3.10-3.20's, although could be faster than that now, but thats a big guess on my part. I have joined the Compress sport bandwagon and bought a pair of calf guards, since legends like Radar and yourself use them,I thought they might help me with healing from my injury. Also have got a roller stick too. I tried a cool thing around my neck as a racewalker in about 1993...Nice that you have family visiting to share the outback with. Hope the mileage can keep banking up for you and maybe also Rolf in the coming weeks.