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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Bib

Just like when I did the mini-Moe before the real thing...

I'm off to try a few days on the trails this weekend, testing out some gear for my 960k or so end-to-end attempt after winter (that's southern hemisphere winter). I've picked up some fantastic gear at Mainpeak, including this luxury bed (Hennessy Hammock) that comes with a built-in fly screen and has a separate rainproof overhang. The idea with this is that I'll be off the ground, away from the cold and the creepy crawlies, and can save weight by not carrying a tent, sleeping bag, and mattress. I've also got some new lightweight poles to try and have packed up my Icebreaker thermals, Montane rainproof jacket, and my good 'ol Canadian down booties :)

I'm going to trial my SPOT tracking function for this, as well. So if you're curious about what the SPOT thing does, try following me here between Saturday morning and Sunday night or Monday morning.

My pack at this point weighs in at 7 kg without water, holding just 2 days of food. That's bordering on unacceptable. We'll find out after this weekend what I'm missing (besides more food, probably, and more warm clothes) and what I can get rid of (the end of my toothbrush?)

I'm not exactly sure whether I'm back Sunday night or Monday morning. I want to have two full nights to trial gear, so it would be good to stay out til Monday. But that's dependent on my hip tolerating the load and finding a way to get home (unless I run, which is more load on the hip). I really feel like I need a few nights under the stars. This country girl is spending too much time in the city!

If I stay out til Monday, I might run into Kreig on his way south. Kreig is attempting an end-to-end unsupported (carrying everything/no food drops) in 14 days. That's one serious but well calculated go, from the looks of it.

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