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Sunday, April 10, 2011

RecoveryRecoveryRecovery (say it really fast)

A great running mate of mine said this a few months ago as we were climbing a big hill - there was a slight plateau before the next rise, and as we ground our way up and hit that plateau, both knowing another climb was imminent, he puffed, "recoveryrecoveryrecovery."

I love that mantra now.

It reminded me that recovery isn't just in the day or two post-race or post long run, but is even in the small moments we can grab while running something difficult. We can consciously use those small moments on an uphill plateau of just a few metres or on the back straight of a 400 mtr track when the wind's behind us. I find it does a lot to my mental strength now to imagine that even for a few seconds I'm recovering - rather than thinking I'm just becoming more and more spent with every step.

For me, the last speed session is done before race day next Saturday. I finished it well - a 15k tempo'ish run followed immediately by an 800 mtr race and a 5k race. Friday was recoveryrecoveryrecovery and then Saturday I went out slightly long to do a favourite - Serpentine. A new running mate (training for TNF100) and I headed out and ran a quad-shattering 1000 mtrs of gain over 24.5k. Very nice quality. And remarkable views. Here, you can just glimpse the white house at the bottom we've climbed away from.

I've got my Coburg toe colour scheme sorted. And coincidentally, they're going to match my Saucony Fastwitch racing flats :) I've been paying attention to who else is racing next weekend, too, because it always gives me a boost to know others are out there when I am.

First of all, there's the Relay for Life event, which is a 24 hr track event being held on a 400 mtr track in Perth. (I don't know if it's a national event over the same weekend). I know a few people going out for that.

Second, in a great coincidence, the Athletics Australia Nationals are also on next weekend (my Coburg event is 24 Hr Nationals). And that event is also in Melbourne, just 10k from Coburg, at the Olympic Park! We have some brilliant 1500 mtr specialists going out to race that (I know there are other shorter distance sprinters from WA, as well, but I don't think I've met any of them). The men's 1500 1st round is about 5.30 PM Saturday and finals for men and women are around 3 PM Sunday. So....hoping I'm not completely shattered after my race Sunday morning, I'll hobble over to Olympic Park to cheer on the Sandgropers on Sunday afternoon.

In case you were wondering, yes, I'm still on the beetroot juice :)

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  1. Well done B,
    Good luck at Coburg!
    I'll be back on the trails soon