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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time to Get Serious

With 5 weeks to go until the Coburg 24 hr track race, it's time for me to tuck into the serious work now. My hip/glute tendons all seem good but I can still feel that weird adductor enthesis sensation at times. I am doing daily strength work, which seems to have helped, as did backing off speed work for the past few months. I was inspired after crewing at the WA 12 hr track race last weekend and am getting recharged by the cooler (i.e., low 30s) weather finally hitting Perth.

So it's time to give it everything and if my legs fall apart, I know I'm not ready yet and I'll create a Plan B. That SUP boarding looks fun ;)

I'm still debating my Coburg race goals, but I've wanted a crack at a 100k and 12 hr for quite a while now. That could certainly sacrifice a 24 hr race, though. For now, my training is going to focus on the 100k, getting as much speed as possible. I'll try to gently drop a kilo as well. It's a tough one, as my body seems very happy to maintain 52.5kg. Last time I dropped a kilo for a race (December - but I had gone up to 54.0), it was not a good thing. I did it too fast and it caused a real change to my mood, as my body was starved of carbs. So this time I'm going go at it gently over several weeks. The people around me should appreciate that, too ;)

Tomorrow, 3 hrs of hills (with a little fig eating, hopefully) at Wungong Gorge!

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