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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Childbirth Hill

Who ordered summer back in Perth today?!?

That was harsh - our nice little hill run (~11k/400 mtrs) started out as "Let's go exploring" and quickly became "Let's run from shade to shade, trying not to dry heave."

But we made the summit of Childbirth Hill (and yes, there was a little dry heaving) with a few more rocks for our cairn.

Sorry for the tilt on the shot - had to wedge the camera in a tree. Makes me look creative, no?


  1. "Childbirth hill" lived up to it's moniker yesterday! the combo of heat and hills is pretty brutal (fun)

  2. sounds like a summer training comp entry to me...

    hope to oneday add another rock to that cairn on those brutal hills. Hopefully my one visit there so far will help this weekend in the Blue Mountains...