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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Was it Something I Said?

Only two takers today for the Sunday long run. And one of them turned back after 13k.

I advertised today's trail run as 30k. But then I mentioned "grippy shoes" for the "steeper hills." And then there was the part about the run being "various trails" that eventually hook into the Munda Biddi to Jarrahdale, although I'd never actually done it myself.

Maybe it was my warning that we could get lost? Or could get bonus k's?

I thought those were selling features, not something to scare them away :)

So the approximately 30k run was 42.5. Close.

1311 mtrs elevation. Now that's a beauty!

It was so good, in fact, I think I'm going back next Saturday. And then I'll do the marathon club's 5k/10k hill race on Sunday for a little mental training/speed work on the tired legs.

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  1. Excellent photos!!! I have to admit I was a bit intimidated by all of the above, and it seems rightly so. 12 bonus K's surely thats a record. When Dave K says its tough, it is tough with a capital T, and when BBC says grippy shoes for sure its going to be steep and tough (with a capital T) terrain. That said, I still meant to be there, although I was thinking about turning around early same as A. Maybe see you there for some terrific tough torture on Saturday.