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Monday, January 31, 2011

Barefooting, Summer Training Comp, and Ultrarunning Seminar

A few things to update.

First of all, I received this article on barefoot running, which was timely, as I'd just completed a 20k run in my KSO 5 Fingers. Not too much new in the article, but to hear Benno Nigg changing his story after all these years of research and shoe design is interesting.

The Summer Training Competition: I've uploaded 5 training inspirational stories onto my website from January. Look to them for motivation and perhaps a chuckle or two. And send me your stories for February - don't hesitate to get out there and make it good! (Just stay safe, kids!)

I posted my own Saturday long run on the website - a 33k 1200 mtr heat slog with excellent company. Didn't carry the camera, sorry - just couldn't bear the thought of the extra weight on me (no excuse, I know).

I shifted my long run to Saturday because I had been asked to speak at the Ultra Running Seminar at the Western Australian Marathon Club on Sunday afternoon. I was a bit worried I might have one of those "bonus k" runs and end up late! There were 4 of us on the panel - I was billed as the "baby" of the group, which was certainly pleasing as a 41 year old. Here's the group outside on tea break.

There was some great advice presented by some very accomplished ultrarunners - no, I'm not talking about my own talk, but I'm sure it was fantastic, too ;)

I took some notes and tweaked a few things on my website based on my learnings. There's always more to learn. I really appreciated all the scientific questions from the crowd - about nutrition, electrolytes, compression, NSAIDS/pain relievers, supplements.... There was some wonderful brainstorming one-on-one, too, searching for answers to "what are the definitively best poles for trail racing?" and "how do you stop muscle spasms?"

We added a few more names to our trail running group, as well, so hope to see some more lovers of the hills and dirt come out to join us soon.

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