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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Kilo of Pain

Last night at Bold Park, on my usual 15k hill run with mates, I hit a huge wall halfway through. I'm very fortunate in that I almost never hit a wall. I don't think it's just luck - I work very hard at getting and understanding all the science I can and trialling things outside of races.

I knew it wasn't boding well all afternoon. I've been trying to drop a kilo of weight before my next race on 19 December. But it's a tricky thing to lose a kilo of fat while training at high intensity. Particularly because I have no "junk" in my diet to lose. It's not that I can say, "I'll just stop having beer/wine/chips."

I was managing to do it carefully and cautiously and was achieving success, while noting that my mood was being flattened. And then yesterday I just felt like I couldn't get my tummy topped up before the run. Then, when I went anaerobic pushing up a hill, that was it. All my glycogen stores were gone and I was working so hard I found it nearly impossible to get any fuel in. It was one of those times that reminded me what happens to a lot of people in races.

Anyway, I pushed it out and spent the evening with stomach cramps. I felt worse last night than I did after the Victorian Champs!

But I've succeeded in getting that kilo off (so I can carry a kilo of water on my back instead!). My training's been going really well, I'm feeling good, just had a visit to Jon Tan, and my body has only been getting happier since before Victoria, when I had the right glute issue. I'm stoked to be headed out to a trail race, as I haven't had one since Europe in July. And hills! I love hills!

After 6 Inch, it's a bit of a mystery. I'm not sure what to target next. I'm thinking of a 100 Mile trail race - Alpine Challenge? Open to suggestions....

Alright, I'm off to do my last speed session before the race. In my new A3s that just arrived :)

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