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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Should be Swimming

But the thing is, Canadians aren't really swimmers. If you froze the water, then I'd feel more at home....

I thought with the niggles I've had in my legs over the past few months, a rest month was in order. The problem is that my brain and body don't seem to be agreeing to the logic behind the idea. I thought I'd cut mileage down to around 60 (okay, maybe 70) kms per week and do some cross training until mid-January.

But I'm adding up my mileage for this week and it starts to look like over 80k. Oops.

Maybe all the 40 degree days next week will get me to break out the water wings.

Other than running this week, I've been amusing myself building a very basic website. I'm feeling like my blog is getting a bit crowded. I hope it'll be useful when it's all together.

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