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Saturday, December 25, 2010

December Denouement

As I hear word of Trailtrash in Canada heading out for Christmas Eve runs, Christmas Day runs, Boxing Day runs, snowshoeing....

Here it's just me and the skinks.

No one to come out and play this weekend, so I ran solo around Herdsman Lake Saturday and then ran a maze of bush tracks south of Mundaring today for a couple hours. I always like those runs where you don't exactly know the route or how it's all going to work out in advance. An "Expotition" as Winnie the Pooh would say.


  1. The C team did a Christmas Day run and the parlouf relay was on Boxing Day, even I managed to sneak out for 18k on Boxing Day. The good thing about those blue tongue lizards is they eat snakes, and fruit, and other stuff we had a pet one when I was a kid. I totally agree re those runs where you don't follow a pre-planned route. The adventure of an expedition exploration!

  2. Too bad I wasn't on the C team - I coulda had some running mates for the day! Guess instead of whinging, I should be out there making more friends ;)