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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Going Up?

Coast to Kosci. 240km. Up. But not straight up. Up and down and up some more and down and up some more...and a downhill finish :)

Live feed should be here: http://www.coast2kosci.com/live.php

Race start is Friday 5.30 am NSW time. But don't worry if you're not able to check in right away. You should have a good 30 hours to check in on my progress!

Thanks to my brilliant sport massage therapist, Nathan Doig, who suggested a mountain theme for my toes, which led me to create a replica of the C2K logo! I know they won't sue me for improper use of trademark or anything because you wouldn't even know what it was supposed to be unless I told you ;)

This is a complicated race. Much more complicated than I thought on registering. All I had to do is run in a relatively straight line on a road to the top of the mountain....

Well, I have four people coming to crew for me - that's 4 people to get one girl to the top of the mountain! I am obviously high maintenance ;) But seriously, it was recommended to me by someone who crewed this race virtually solo and nearly drove off the road with sleep deprivation at the end. So this way my crew will hopefully get at least a little down time/sleep time and be better able to get me to the top. I've thought many times how fortunate I am after moving here 4 years ago, alone, knowing no one, to being able to have 4 people put up their hands to give up time, energy, and money to help me with this goal. My crew is all kitted up in stink-free Icebreaker wool and Montane shells, mandatory gear for the wild weather they always promise competitors near the summit.

From a distance, with one eye closed, it almost looks like it!
I've been kept going through the training with all the support of my beautiful PHAT running group (Perth Hills And Trails), who were always so good at yelling at me to climb the hills faster. One lovely friend has dropped  more than one food care package at the door, too - mulberries, one day! My physio, Ali Low, used up a box of needles on my legs and Jonathan Langer came to the rescue when my regular chiro had to take sudden leave these past few weeks. I got a brand new tub of Hammer Perpetuem, ready to crack open on race morning and eat my way through! I was so pleased to reconfirm today when I packed the suitcase that it's gluten free, as I've embarked on a GF experiment these past two weeks (and feel fantastic for it, too).

So, I'm off to recce the course for 3 days with most of the crew - driving it in reverse - and then running back up!

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