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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Multilingual Trail Running

I was so pleased when Yoshifumi Ikeda from The Perth Express contacted me to contribute to a feature in their magazine on trail running. Their team went to great efforts to gather a lot of information for the Japanese Australian community in order to promote trail running for fun and fitness. Their 6 page spread includes maps of local runs and various bits of advice... I hope I said good things because I can't read it!

Stand aside, Kilian and Ellie, because I am now the "Leading Person of Trail Running" ;)

It was fun to see many of my trail mates have their photos put in the magazine, as well. I do hope this means we attract more people to the sport.

I decided to host a beginners/intermediate trail running course at the beginning of July and it sold out quite quickly with 15 people (I didn't want it too big or it won't be useful). I will host an afternoon one, too, if there's interest. It's something I didn't even think of until I was directly asked.

Well, I'm off to do a bit of PhD work in Geraldton this weekend, 400 km north of Perth. I'm going to cuddle up in my hostel room with Scott Jurek's book and get that done (it's certainly not a chore!) so I can post the competition on Monday. And I've got a little Lore of Running section to read and some recce work to do on Sunday, hopefully, on the drive home, looking for a PTS half marathon course for 27th October.

All the best for this weekend to those running King of the Mountain in Perth and the Sri Chinmoy 24hr in Sydney, which I decided to forego. Way up in New York, WA ultra running colleague Grahak Cunningham is at 288 miles (463km) after 4 days.

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