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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You Attack the Hills?

I think that's how the question was posed on Sunday's trail run.

What a lovely question. I love questions. It gives me a chance to think about what I do, what I believe in, and why.

I never really got to give my answer, because at that moment I turned to sheep dog back (up a hill, of all things) to the others in our group. But I was thinking about it as I climbed. Was I "attacking?"

Yes, but it was a calculated attack. Rather than just throwing myself out there with all guns blazing, I was moving with a plan the entire way.

Certainly, there is both a mental and physical attack of sorts. I approach a hill with a lot of mental confidence. I OWN this hill. That's the best way to not be intimidated or overwhelmed, after all! But overseeing this cocky, arrogant little trail beast, is the practical, strategic warrior. She takes the measured approach to the 'war' on the hill.

She focuses on all the little things to ensure victory. Pumping the arms? Crossing them over the midline? Taking shorter strides? Slowing down slightly to keep the heart rate in an 'achievable' zone?

She even does some advance planning where possible. On a flat stretch? Eat something now (can't eat on a hill when out of breath and likely to feel nauseous).

So, yes, I do attack the hills.

But that really all sounds so violent...especially for a happy, hippy trail runner. Couldn't I just be One with the hills as effectively?? I don't OWN the hill, I AM the hill. Hmmm. That's a stretch, isn't it?

Maybe I can be One with the mud.

I'd like to be One with my new UltrAspire Omega pack, too. If USPS will only deliver it. Before race day would be good.

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  1. I noticed in this post that we wear the same shoes, and I also have an ultraspire omega pack on order....clearly we both have good taste:)