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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mileage x 2 + hill repeats + 3900 mtrs = 1 cold

No surprise, eh? Double my mileage (I mean, the rest is over, right?) and add a bit of speedwork. Wake up with a sore throat.

As the adage goes, Do as I say, not as I do :)

I don't think it's really a setback, though. My nutrition has been great and it doesn't feel like much of a cold. I just slept poorly a few nights (who puts wind chimes on their patio outside their bedroom window?? Apparently the people I'm house sitting for).

The amazing runs this week included a 15k up Moose Mountain to the fire lookout (yes, a real live fire ranger lives up there all summer with the marmots). If Garmin's not lying this was an 1,150 mtr run. The top was supposed to be 2,437 mtrs according to the topo, but my Garmin shorted me about 50 mtrs. I think someone's been kicking rocks off the summit.

Today included two runs - a 24k loop up to a ridgeline at about 2,500 mtrs which we ran for 9k along the top and then a 14k climb up Mount Lipsett at 2,580 mtrs. Total elevation gain from these two was about 1,900 mtrs.

I realised that I'm feeling a lot better about the altitude now - I didn't even notice it today, despite having a bit of a sinus thing going on. I decided when I went up to Moose Mountain on Wednesday night that it was time for a new tradition. The only photo I could remember of myself on the summit showed me in snow and nothing but a sports bra! Obviously I was truly a hardy Canadian back then. So here are 2006 and 2011.

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