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Monday, August 1, 2011

An Introspective Week

Whilst enjoying some great runs over the past week or so, I've had many experiences causing me to contemplate this intense running world of mine.

Katherine, the girl in this photo at Rawson Lake, just completed the Canadian Death Race in a very creditable 20 1/2 hrs. I slept with the phone beside my pillow in order to get all the updates I could from her partner whilst he was crewing. I was almost drawn to tears myself from word of her finish.

And I had an interview in regards to my planned attempt on the 1000km Bibbulmun Track in October/November of this year. The journalist certainly got me thinking. Of course one question was ... Are you going solo unsupported to try for the 19.5 day female record or go supported to try for faster (e.g., overall record of 16 days 8 hrs). Hmmm. Well. I guess I should know that, shouldn't I? My original plan was always to go solo unsupported. That's an easy choice for me, as I am a loner and love solitude. If I have 3 guests in my home over the course of a year that'd be a lot! However, my partner and several of my mates have been offering to crew me - they want to be part of the journey.

And I've partnered with Inclusion WA for this attempt. They seemed a good fit for me - helping kids (and adults) with disabilities get access to sport and recreation. The time I spent injured and sidelined with surgery in 2009 is fresh in my mind. It was very much a time of exclusion and I felt quite isolated. I know that the #1 prescriptive for mental health illnesses such as depression is exercise. Having had a friend just commit suicide last month also highlighted the relationship between mental and physical health. My friend told me that when we were out exercising it was the only time he got relief from the "monster" in his brain.

So...the decision's made. I'm going to do the Bib fully supported. As fast as possible. Inclusive. With gratitude for all my great mates who are willing to give of their time and energy to help get me to the finish line in Albany ... in record time. Book your days off, guys!

Now that that's out of the way, I can get back to focusing on this little training run I'm doing to prepare for the Bib - the Commonwealth Championships. I've officially completed my 'recovery' 3 weeks. Post-Ireland I ran weeks of 40k, 65k, and 60k at easy paces, whilst adding more strength work. Now, I ramp it up. 8 weeks to go.

Yes, my pushups are improving. But, no, I can't do a single one of those triangle hand position ones yet.

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