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Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Month of Excitement

Landed back in Perth very late Sunday night (or early Monday morning, depending how precise I am). It seems that winter has hardly set in. The mornings are cool, but we've hardly had much rain.

It has certainly been nice to have the luxury of my regular feeding plan back - it was hard, hard work while travelling in Europe to avoid all their "fat sauces" - cheese and cream everything - with loads of bread on offer. And being vegetarian just complicated things further. We used an Esky (that's Cooler in Canadian) to keep some fresh things with us, but ice is almost completely unheard of over there. Only once did we every actually find ice for sale at a service station.

I haven't had to worry about any post-Europe blues setting in this week.... First I got hooked into a 24 hour adventure race (Espresso) for the end of the month - and then I found myself unable to resist the urge to at least have a fun "go" at the 24 hour rogaine the weekend prior! The month is shaping up to be heaps of fun! Since it's my "R&R" month from running, it actually seems to be working well. It's making it easier to take my mind off all the runs I might feel drawn to do, allowing me to do some lower impact cross training like kayaking and cycling. I've still had a few good runs this week, including hills, and will do a long hill run on Sunday, as well. I've also had a chance to go night paddling, which was just gorgeous.

Tomorrow I'm up for some mountain biking. It's been many months since I've done that! I don't think cycling to Busselton in March counted, either, even if it was on my MTB!

I had some very nice news from the Association of Cdn Ultrarunners - they're having a little presentation ceremony in Ontario at the beginning of October to acknowledge the 2010 100k and 24 hr athletes, giving out the "athlete of the year" award, and giving out little plaques to the new age-group record holders (this last one applies to me now for my 200.89k performance in June). I am just like a little kid, so excited to see my plaque, it seems silly! But, sadly for me, I'll just have to wait, as I don't have a teleporter machine to get me to Ontario.

I am also pleased to be part of the new Compressport "test team" - a group of us are going to get to trial some new product before it hits the street. Looking forward to hearing more as this gets underway.

And...other good news of the week is another sponsor! I'm really, really pleased to have this sponsor supporting me now, but until I have the Big Meeting next week, I shan't say anymore!


  1. Massive Congratulations on the 200km! Many thanks for all your incredible efforts in helping the trail running world in Western Australia get on its feet in recent years. New sponsors, Runners World and swiss adventures.
    Sounding like a wonderful year here amongst our kangaroos, and around the world. Way to go!!!

  2. Thats awesome and well deserved (your article in runners world), plus very cool answers in the RW mag article too...bought a copy yesterday and got the added bonus of an interview with possibly our new prime minister Tony Abbott on the back page, apparently he is an ironman triathlete and has done 7 road marathons, often does a 90km ride on the weekends, so could be good for runners and cyclists if he does become PM in the next few days...