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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bunbury Marathon (50k ultra) Race Report

How does a Canadian mountain runner write a race report for a paved city race? Hmmm.

Well, I’ve been getting impatient since being off racing for a year due to injury (April 2009), surgery (October 2009), and retraining (November to now). Was planning my first race to be at the end of July in Switzerland, 78k with an insane alpine section. But have been getting very itchy race feet.

Not much going on in WA at the moment, except the Kep Ultra, which I am co-race directing on June 6th. So, can’t enter that one. Two weeks ago I found the Bunbury Marathon and they have a 50k option. Entered that and began a very quick taper!

Course description: no roots, mud, or single track. Yes, it was “bitumen,” but I got undulating hills going over the sand dunes on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Then into a very pretty short forested area of “tuart” trees. Yes, still on a bitumen path, but there were a few short gravel road crossings to test my dirt skills ;)

Out and back once gave the half-marathon. Did it again for the full marathon. Added 7.8k for the 50. It’s a measured course with timing chips, so I can now say I’ve done a marathon (unfortunately! It was a bit of a badge of honour to not have done one). Went through there at 3hr37min. Boston qualified. Not that I want to go, but it’s kinda cool still.

Although my overall avg was a 5.07 pace, I ran my last 10k at a 5 min pace, feeling strong. 50k in 4hr16min, good for first female. 4th overall out of 12 racers (Comrades is only two weeks away this year, so I think that took a few ultra runners out of the game).

Now, will it be the 24 hour track race or the 100k next month? ….

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