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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A New Injury

Somewhat tongue in cheek, yet at the same time all too serious. This is, in a unique way, the most serious injury I've had to date. It's an acquired brain injury of sorts. Brought on not by over-training, but by over-lifing!

To say I'm passionate about the sport would be an understatement. I love running, I love racing, I love coaching, I love researching the science, I love helping advance the sport through communities of trail and ultra runners locally, nationally, and internationally. I love race directing and volunteering, watching runners improve, get fitter, and achieve their goals. I also happen to love a few other things quite passionately, like child psychology.

Unfortunately, my passion bolted out the farm gate and I got my foot caught in one stirrup. I was being dragged along, getting bumped and bruised, for far too long.

Fortunately, the horse ran out of steam before it killed me. He's come to a halt and I've been able to quickly release my foot, stumble home, and sign up for riding lessons. I have to put this thoroughbred back in the stable until I get the right reins and know how to control him.

In the meantime, I'm going to saddle up a nice 26 year old mare named Thunder. ;)

I've assessed the internal damage, which includes a lingering high resting heart rate, a nervous "jumpiness," and a leaping heart when my phone 'bings' to notify me of a new message. I'm not sure how long it will last. Fortunately, running is still a joy for me and sooths my aching brain every time I hit the trails. I've just shifted house (along with moving home-based businesses, this was another major - though good - stress). The new place has a yard so large I didn't even find the orange trees for a week! (They grow between the lime trees, with the grape vines intertwined). The home backs onto a park, which in turn is 1km from the 35 square km or so of hilly bushlands around Wungong gorge.

Part of last week's 126k +3300mtr training for World 24s
I have resigned as vice president of AURA, as I discovered all too late that "an association like that can take as much as you can give" (thanks, Evan, for the tip!). I loved my involvement in the sport in that role and trying to make a contribution to better the sport nationally and internationally for all ultra runners... but I just couldn't find my "off" switch. There was always something else that could be done and I was damned well going to try to do it.

Once the dust settles a bit, I think I'll still find a few other areas I need to cut back on. The ride on the thoroughbred was really exciting for a while, but then it got rather scary, as I was just holding on for dear life! My goal is to find that girl who used to have time to research articles for her blog, who used to make Choco-Goodness bars for her running mates and massage therapist, who used to ride her motorcycle.

Anyone else out there need riding lessons?

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  1. Awesome photo. Hope to one day move back a bit closer to that Gorge area again maybe. Wise move re stepping back a bit. Delegating can be good, spreading the workload with others... Sounds like the training is going great guns!!! way to go!!!!!!!