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Monday, July 23, 2012

Torch Travesty

The torch is being driven around by a sugar drink company?
A few days ago my British rellies said they were going over to see the Olympic torch pass by. I'm one of four or five people in the world who don't get into the Olympics.

Major reason #1: I can't bear the injustice of it. I know the incredible work that athletes went through to get to that point. They are all world class. On one given day, given one chance, where the slightest cough or gust of wind can alter the outcome, most of them will not win. I can't bear to watch that. My heart cries for them.

Minor reason #1: I don't have a telly and find watching sport boring.

And the Lloyds bank cheerleading boys
After enjoying my run through the local downs, on the historical trails, I came 'home' and thought that perhaps I was missing an opportunity. The spirit of the Olympics I agree with. So watching the torch go by, along ancient trails, being carried from Greece to London...well, maybe I should go see that.

I had 20 minutes before the torch was supposedly coming by - within a km of the house, according to the map I'd seen. So I had a quick glance again at the website and got ready to bolt out the door, heading for the North Downs Way.

As they say in Australia, with a "you-lose" game show buzzer sound: Baw-Baw.

Look carefully and you can see the torch behind the bodyguard
The torch was, in fact, being driven into a village, then walked through the village by 3 to 5 people, over about 1km. On the other end of the village, the torch was packed into the bus and DRIVEN to the next village 10 or so km away.

Is driving an Olympic sport?

As an athlete, I am embarrassed.

My rellies went over to the nearest town to see it and they gave me these photos. There was also a Samsung bus with dancing girls, to go with the Lloyds dancing boys. Maybe bus dancing is an Olympic sport.

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