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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bib Prep

When I was little I liked to play librarian.

I know, I know. No, the other kids didn't get it, so eventually I jumped on my bike with them and tried to convince them that cops and robbers was more fun if you designated different leaves as having different dollar values. Anything to add an element of organisation and order ;)

As I prepare for the Bibbulmun 1000k FKT attempt on 1 November, the inner librarian gets to come out and play again. It's a good thing that training is more about easy k's and strength work than high miles...because there's a lot of organisation for something like this!

To start with, I have created a spreadsheet with all the cumulative and point-to-point distances and the vehicle access points. I have been adding details of where my support people are coming out to jog/slog/hike with me. I start on Tuesday morning (5 AM). So far I should have someone with me Wednesday through Sunday. I'm hoping I might find some company to come out and help Rolf and I the following week, Monday through Thursday, as we traverse from the Pemberton area through to that glorious finish in Albany.

I've also got a running list of supplies - some of my key ones include:

SPOT Tracker, which will log my continual progress in mostly real time and act as an emergency beacon (I will post a public link for this later).

Garmin e-Trex handheld with the entire Bib track loaded. I will likely keep this turned off and just use it when I'm having doubts whether I'm still on track.

All 8 Bib maps and the 2 booklets

Flip phone and tensor bandage

Udo's Oil (I'll keep up all my natural anti-inflammatories whilst away)

Compressport compression socks to wear overnight

Leki titanium trekking poles

Roclite 305 and Flyroc 310 shoes in 3 sizes

Hammer Race Ready shorts (love the amazing pocket storage in these)

Icebreaker thermals and gloves

rain jacket

Nathan 2 ltr
hydration pack

Hammer Endurolytes and bars for snacking

Hammock (somehow hoping my support person will be able to set this up for my rest breaks - I think it
would be a fantastic way to take the load off the legs for an hour)

Turtleskin snake gaiters

And I've set up the donation site for Inclusion WA, the charity I'm supporting in my attempt.

I can't wait to see what colour my toenails will be painted for this one! :)

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