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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Calling all Ducks!

15 hours til I fly over to Melbourne for 2000 metres of super brutal fun. The race has been described with some of the most beautiful adjectives: steep and muddy. But one noun I didn't like...leeches?!?

This week I've been putting all my ducks in a row -

Visit to Nathan Doig for massage Tuesday

Jon Tan, sports chiro, Wednesday

Alison Low, physiotherapist extraordinaire, Thursday (I promised photos!)
Toenails: camo

That's 4 ducks, all in a row.

The Perpetuem is all packed into little baggies for the beagles to sniff out. I think I'm going with my most trusty Inov-8 xTalons for this one (the shoes I used in Europe).

My only concern is that my running mates go for some epic run while I'm gone! I hope I don't miss out on anything good :)

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