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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We have birthed a Trail Series, Perth!


Or, we will. With everyone's support. This is something a core group of us has been talking about since I moved here in 2008. It's time to make it happen. I'll need lots of support - people to race direct events, etc, but we can make this really special. To me, it's a bit akin to what a group does in Calgary with short trail races during their off season - the dead of their winter. This will happen during our off season - the dead of summer :)

My goals are really twofold:

-provide a more gentle means for newbies to get into trail running without having to enter an ultra as their first event

-provide some great training opportunities during the summer season for ultra runners, adventure racers, rogainers and orienteers, and maybe even the odd triathlete

Spread the word, please!


  1. Sounds Awesome, well done on getting it togeather.

  2. Wow, great work. Very ambitious project and I am sure you will pull it all together in fine style. Great to see trail running growing strong in the west.