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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mini-Moe

I've been contemplating the November Moe 6 hr track race for the last few days. There are two Canadian records that I can have a go at - the 50k record and the 6 hr record. However, both will be very big challenges.

With that in mind, Rolf and I have decided to do a partial mock-up of the event. We'll go to a track in a few weeks and do a mini-Moe. We'll practice everything we can - start time, pacing, fueling, clothing. I might even practice some pain and suffering ;)

An additional challenge at Moe is that you have to bring your own lap scorer. This puts too much pressure on Rolf. At Sri, he had a full time job just crewing. Lap scoring will be too much and will stress us both. So I'm thinking of putting an ad in the local Moe paper to hire a teenage babysitter or something for the day as my lap scorer :) If anyone out there has a teenage relative in Moe, let me know!

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